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Perez Plumbing, Inc.Water Conservation

FaucetsThe aerators in low flow fixtures cut your water usage, but not your comfort. These faucets use as much as 40% less water than conventional faucets, or about 2.5 gallons per minute compared to the standard 4 gallons per minute. Though less water is delivered, few people notice a difference at the tap. Low flow faucets and showers are simple and inexpensive to install. Installation is no different than that of conventional faucets. Directions will be included in the product packaging. If you are not ready to replace your faucets entirely, aerators may be added to your existing faucets. Aerators can be found in any hardware store and typically cost less than $5. To add a new aerator to a fixture, simply unscrew and remove the old aerator. Apply white pipe tape around the threads of the new aerator. Put the rubber washer inside the end and screw the new aerator onto the faucet. Run the water to test, making sure no water leaks out the side. If there is a water leak, gently tighten by hand until it is sealed tightly.

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